Agnus Dei, Altarpiece


With this installation I want to revitalize a faded icon.

The Altar has always been used to present the best products of mankind to God to express greatfulness, joy, awe and fear.
Furthermore, animals were sacrificed to appease God.

This altar is made of newspapers.
They represent our human condition: our ability to do a lot of good things and our being guilty of doing a lot of bad things.
Hence in the paper on top of the altar there is a picture of a Nazi concentration camp in World War II with the headline: ‘Man is capable of Anything’

The lamb is recognized by every human being as the ultimate innocence.
Christianity sees Jesus as the Lamb of God: choosing the side of the victims.


Materials: Lamb on a stack of Newspapers

Size: stack of newspapers 85x58x53cm, 6 month old lamb