Willem Zijlstra (1954) was born and continued to live in Bussum, a village near Amsterdam.

He was educated at the University College of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.  Then he became an art teacher at the high school in his home village. He also teaches adults at the Gooise Academie in Laren, a beautiful village well known for its many artists in past and present.
For ten years he was a teacher of adults at a Summer School project for Christian Artists and for
a few years he was a guest lecturer at the University College in Ede.

Willem began his artistic career as an illustrator and a painter but twenty years ago he started working with bronze, wood and other materials. He also began to make conceptual art.

During these years he visualized themes like Horizon, Growth, Breakwater and Offer.

These  works of art were shown in many galeries, among others The Singer Museum in Laren and
Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, Instituut Pons in Madrid during the Catholic World Youth Days in 2011, and in Krakow, Poland.

His film project Agnus Dei was broadcasted on TV during Easter in 2013.

Willem is a member of  the Artists Association Laren Blaricum, Artes in Bussum and The Christian Arts Union.

The Artist

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