The first part of the trilogy “Agnus Dei” consists of the Lamb on its altar of newspapers .
The other two parts are:
An installation of a wooden doorpost constructed on the beach, on which I painted the blood of the slaughtered Lamb like the Israëllites did in the book Exodus in the Bible. After that I walk through the doorpost to an open future in freedom.

This event is filmed on location and can be displayed as Performance art.

The third installation consists of a video which shows the pregnant sheep, the birth of the Lamb in Spring and its slaughter in Autumn.
On a table covered with a white table cloth I show the Lord’s Supper:
32 tins containing the meat of the Lamb and a glass of red wine.
The tins are wrapped in a print of  The brothers van Eyck’s famous fifteenth-century Altar Piece: ”The Worship of the Lamb” to which I added the text: “Take, Eat, for this is my body”.

Agnus Dei Triptych