Heaven came down € 5. -

A small book in which illustrations from 'A story that grows "(a children's program of the EO) combined with short texts from the Christmas story. Suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years.

Who will follow?, € 5. -

A small book in which the illustrations from "A Story that Grows" (a children's program of the EO) are combined with the biblical story of the rich young man and Barthimeüs ..

A Story that Grows

26 stories on two DVDs

Broadcasted several times on the dutch television and in 12 other countries.

They were written and narrated by Leo de Vos and drawn by Willem Zijlstra. Stories of people who meet Jesus, and how this completely changed  their lives. Each story takes 8 minutes.

Of all the stories there is also an English version, "a Story That grows".

For use at school or church, there is a guide for the first 13 episodes with background information, discussion questions and practical questions about the relevance of the Bible stories in our lives.

The stories are suitable for children from 9 years.




When you meet Jesus, Something happened to you! Jesus says and does very special things. In these comics people meet Jesus. Some are angry because Jesus disrupts their beautiful life. Others, including many poor, hanging on his every word as he delivers them from the nasty life and he becomes their friend.

Together with Leo de Vos, I made ​​three stories:

1) No choice, 2) Thorough, 3) no longer entitled. € 7, - per piece

The stories are suitable for children from 9 years.

Ik kwam Jezus tegen: “I met Jesus”