I was deeply moved by the Medieval Crucifix damaged as it is. I saw it in the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.
But I also felt strongly that its physical reality was too time-bound.

So I constructed a modern Icon for people of the 21st Century.
In this ‘SIGN’ body and wood are one, transformed in the image of great suffering
and redemption: Jesus becoming one with the torture instrument that killed him.

When the white background is well lit, it looks like a path of light coming from Heaven
to bless the innocent victim together with the earth on which we live.

I used scrap wood to emphasize that something worthless can turn into a sign of Hope.

Crucifix, SIGN on the WALL

Size: 210/30/20 cm
Materiaal: scrap wood

Crucifix in the Chapel of L’Abri, Eck en Wiel