Maybe the pieces of art that you've seen on 'Kunstdeevee' have inspired you or maybe you'd like to give me response on what you think about it, please do so! You can email me on, or you can come visit me in my studio. Please call me on +3135 69 35016 to make an appointment.

Most of the original artwork is for sale or for rent. A fair amount of churches, schools and other organizations rented one or more pieces for a certain period. For either a short or a longer period, everything is possible.
The rental prices depend on the selling price, for our complete price-list go to:
overview Art & Prices.

Some of the projects are available on DVDs or posters. You can order those on To see the complete collection go to: Purchasable items

In special occasions prices are negotiable. When more than one item is purchased a discount will be given.

Finally I would like to point out that you can find all the material made for children on: For Kids. You can email me on to order DVDs, posters and books.

installations are both for sale and for rent

DVDs from projects, Posters, and more

Art for children, DVDs, books, powerpoints and strips